Collection of Higgs Goodies

I’ve been collecting some Higgs videos and articles since Higgsdependence Day last Wednesday, and I wanted to share them all in one place.

Presenting a crash course in the HIGGS-BOSON, as curated by me!

My new favorite YouTube channel is Minute Physics, which I just discovered. YES. Here’s their Higgs explanation.



Now. I need to be honest with you. I love Vi Hart deeply, but it has come to my attention that her assertion that the Higgs Boson accounts for “missing mass” in critters like us (and pigs) is incorrect. So although I revere her enthusiasm for the discovery, I need to tell you she’s off the mark on this one.



But like I said, her enthusiasm is contagious:


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Another piece that isn’t quite accurate, but IS humorous.


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You can listen to Ira Flatow talk about the Higgs discovery on Science Friday. I met him at MSU. He was kind of a douche.


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I love TED. I love hot scientists. Yesssss.


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And here’s another Brian Cox explanation:



This is my favorite analogy of all time, from John Ellis:



You can see the full announcement of the Higgs discovery here. I originally mentioned that I hadn’t seen any women speaking about the announcement, but Chip pointed out that the decidedly female Fabiola Gionatti is in charge of ATLAS, which along with CMS is analyzing all the detrius that the LHC spits out.



I always can appreciate a good rap. Here’s an overview of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.



And here’s what happens at the LHC. Brought to you by Chip Brock, who as I mentioned yesterday has been a TREMENDOUSLY generous resource.



Chip is also helping me work on my own explanation, as I’ve received feedback from several people that the above explanations aren’t clear/basic enough. Fingers crossed I can create something comprehensible. Although by the time I post it, people probably won’t be excited about the Higgs any more. Which is a shame.