Spartan Scholar-Athletes

I know many of you are bummed that our Spartans aren’t heading to the Rose Bowl, but here’s something to celebrate!

Potsy Ross Award (Top Scholar-Athletes)
P Mike Sadler – 4.0 Applied Engineering Science
LB Max Bullough – 3.93 Finance
QB Andrew Maxwell – 3.76 Supply Chain Management
OL Nate Klatt – 3.78 Accounting

This is highly impressive. Although I still hold Chris Hill as my favorite scholar-athlete.

P.S. I learned this information from my fellow alum Stephanie Simpson, who is charming and brilliant and who makes me miss HSTAR.

Privilege and Entitlement

We’ve spent a good amount of time having conversations about poverty, racism, and teachers’ contribution to the achievement gap this year. This is partly because we’re a reflective bunch, and partly because we’re in the second year of NCLB sanctions, so we need to figure out how to be more responsive to our students’ needs POSTHASTE.

Anyway, all the talk about privilege made me think of this extremely thoughtful, eloquent speech from the quarterback at my alma mater, Michigan State. It covers a lot of the same ground we did in our discussions of race, SES status, and poverty, but in a different context.

I’m proud to be a Spartan.