Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

We owe our eternal gratitude to Annette Simon, who sent us a super-rad package full of Robot Zombie Frankenstein goodies! Wow! What a huge, fun surprise to come in from recess and have the contents of the envelope spill out onto my lap! That just sounded kind of sarcastic, but I’m never sarcastic in class, so it was honestly really funny. We had glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the floor and my legs.

“Thank you for bringing us the book — it was great to read!” ~Alejandra

“Thank you for the stuff that you gave us that was from the book — like the pirate stuff.” ~Vashti

We looked at all the goodies you sent us before we read the book, so we were kind of unsure what they all meant. But as we read the book, everything started to make sense, and it “fell into place,” as Arianna said.

Arianna asked if Annette Simon had written any other books, and we looked on her website, but the Seattle Public Library doesn’t have any books other than Robot Zombie Frankenstein. We are curious, though, what book will be coming soon and is to be announced.

“I was confused about the Robot Zombie Frankenstein stuff, because there was a cape / apron / dentist bib, and a whatever whatevity-do,” Anthea said.

We are writing this at the end of our school day so we are running out of time, but please know that your thoughtful package and hilarious book was great, awesome, and totally made our day! THANK YOU SO MUCH!