What I do in my spare time. Sometimes.

The question has been asked if whether an overachiever like me finds time to have fun with friends and loved ones. Um, duh.

I adore many of the folks Toby has worked with at Cheezburger since its humble beginnings a few years ago, and last night we rebooted our steampunk tabletop adventure using a combination of Savage Worlds and Rippers. It’s great fun, especially because I’ve learned a bunch more about RPGs since beginning three years ago.

Here’s my newest character, Beryl Thomas. She’s an Indiana Jones style storyteller, and although she’s haunted by bad dreams and an opium habit, she’s persuasive and smart, particularly in folklore and customs.

She does not, in fact, have a backward hand, but she can, in fact, speak/understand all the languages listed above.

Our adventurers began in 1900s Hong Kong. Here’s the club we visited last night.

So why do I succumb to the ultimate in nerdy fun? BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING.

Also because it’s a safe place to challenge myself — when was the last time I drew a human being? YEARS.

Anyway. That’s what I’ve been up to, when I’m not busy freaking out about things.